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Miniature Dual Purpose Cattle

I am developing my own breed of cattle that have the following characteristics:

  1. 300 to 400 lb full grown
  2. Resistant to parasites and disease
  3. Hardy in the cold and heat
  4. Produce about 2 gal of milk a day
  5. Have easy, unassisted births
  6. Are easy to tame
  7. Are good foragers in stressed pasture

Our mini-milkers are very small dairy cows. We sell these little cows to discerning families that value saving money and consuming healthy food. The cows also make great ‘survival’ tools as a family could live on the milk alone. These amazing creatures convert grass and leaves into food for your family, without effort from you, even when emergencies happen. I have spent years developing a small frame ‘3M’ cow (meat, muscle & milk) that families can use for their own healthy dairy products and meat without waste or special resources. The animals are a mix of breeds:
1 – Irish Dexter for small stature, hardiness and their triple purpose (3M) characteristics
2 – Miniature Zebu for small stature, resistance to pests and parasites, ability to utilize marginal forage and their heat tolerance
3 – Miniature Highlander for their small stature, meat production, ability to use marginal forage and great winter coat
4 – Miniature Jersey and Guernsey for their high quality milk production

Further suitability for small lot families –

  • Less land, water, fencing and hay than full sized cattle
  • Not too much milk in a day
  • Not too much freezer space at slaughter time
  • Less smell, noise, escaping and more hardy than goats
  • Not as dangerous or as difficult to handle as larger animals