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Homesteaders and Preppers

Zimbo is a former Rhodesian, former U.S. Army Green Beret Officer, former Chemical Engineer, former Businessman and a current Organic Diversified Farmer (Homesteader).  He calls his home a ‘Generational Independence Security Project’.  His farm is designed to allow his family and his decedents to thrive despite any future disruptions to life as we know it or increased governance.  Zimbo lives in East Tennessee where it is easy to pursue many vigorous and adventurous outdoor activities. Zimbo grew up in the African bush and has adventured all over the world.

It can be said that of all peoples Americans most characterize ‘Independence’.  Each wave of immigrants came to these shores to find freedom of some sort: from government, from persecution, from poverty, and from restrictions such as class, profession or taxes.  It was this mentality that also led to the revolution.  Homesteading is probably the lifestyle with the greatest level independence.

Homesteaders and Doomsday Preppers, at the core, are very similar when it comes to the services Zimbo provides.  Both groups seek various degrees of the 3 pillars of homesteading:

  1. independence (freedom from governance, rules, social pressures)
  2. self-sufficiency (ability to meet needs without assistance)
  3. sustainability (ability to maintain the self-sufficiency indefinitely)

These 3 pillars are dynamic in that they change with time and are never absolute (we still want someone else to mine the iron used in our tools, build the roads we use to go to market or recognize the title to our land).


Zimbo works with clients who want a land-based lifestyle that may include one or more of the 3 pillars of homesteading: independence, self-sufficiency and sustainability. The dream could be a cottage business, farm, retirement country home, ‘doomsday prepper’ site or homestead. The passion and joy in this work comes from helping others achieve their dreams and goals.  Zimbo helps to:

  • Make an overwhelming task manageable.
  • Distill ill-defined and emotional desires into a specific, well a defined dream/purpose which is the basis for the plan, goals and tasks.
  • Decide if this lifestyle is right for them and, if so, at what level of commitment (it is possible to keep 1 foot in your old life).
  • Define their dream/purpose, make a master plan, set goals, budget and prioritize.
  • Select, finance, set up and operate their land.
  • It is better to carefully choose land after you define your dream and needs and make a plan. If you already have land Zimbo can help find ways to use that land to achieve your dream as much as is possible.
  • Help select crops, livestock and equipment and teach some useful skills if necessary.
  • Make referrals to contractors for services such as installing off grid power and water.
  • Coach the client, if necessary, to keep to the plan.

Each client is different and each consulting program is tailored to fit that clients needs.


  • The consulting fee is $400  for the first day then $300 a day plus travel expenses when the client is more than 60 miles away.  A normal complete consultation is 2 to 5 days and may be spread over a period of 3 to 12 months depending on the clients needs, situation and rate of progress.  Emails, texts and calls are expected and free, within reason, to paying clients during the consulting period.
  • Zimbo will travel anywhere (even if visiting your homestead requires a passport e.g. Costa Rica) with additional travel expenses and without travel costs within a reasonable distance of his homestead in the Knoxville, Tennessee area.
  • The workshop fees are $35/person for each workshop or $75/person if you pay in advance for all 3 workshops.  Please contact us for the schedule at Homesteading@poweredbynature.net.
  • Package mixes of workshops and consulting can be made available on request.
  • Disabled combat veterans are eligible for discounts and scholarships.

Homesteading/Prepper Workshops

Workshops are held in the West Knoxville area.  They are typically groups of no more than 15 people.  If you put together a group of 15 paying clients Zimbo will travel (with travel costs) to your location. 

Zimbo sometimes offers his workshops free at ‘earthskills festivals’ like the Whippoorwill Festival in KY.  Zimbo also offers information from the workshops as a guest speaker for organizations.  If your organization is looking for a guest speaker please contact Zimbo.

HS 101 (2.5 hours)

  • Is homesteading/prepping right for you (detailed version)?
  • HS 101 in-class assignment (lifestyle discovery)
  • Definition: What is homesteading/prepping?
  • Components: Emotional, Relational, Financial, Physical
  • Base Planning
    • Dreams
    • Goals (nested and SMART)
    • Needs (Land, Home, Money, Support)


HS 201 (2.5 Hours)

  • Is homesteading/prepping right for you? (reviewed)
  • HS 201 in-class assignment (dream discovery)
  • Detailed planning
  • Choosing land or fitting uses to the land
  • Placing infrastructure on the land
  • Goal setting
  • A few ideas that work in Appalachia.


HS 301 (2.5 Hours)

  • HS 301 in-class assignment (sustainability discovery)
  • Saving money with a homestead
  • Making money with a homestead
  • Some ideas that work in Appalachia