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About Zimbo


Zimbo makes time for volunteering. In the past he was a Boy Scout Master, active volunteer at church, a Chamber of Commerce Diplomat, served on the board of the Monroe Area Council for the Arts and a Diplomat and SWOT for a business networking organization called REO. Currently Zimbo is active in the following:

Stewards Gathering
I am a charter board member with this non-profit Christian organization that brings church leaders together to share fellowship and good ideas.

Knights of Columbus
I volunteer time with two groups within this Catholic men’s Christian fraternal organization.  I also chair a ‘sub-committee’ that supports persecuted Christians in Pakistan (a Muslim majority country).


Our family belongs to St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Athens, TN.  We are all active in the church including volunteering time in the choir and helping with different parts of the mass service.

Loudon County Community Garden
With others I volunteer time to run this project for low income and challenged residents.

Wounded Warrior Project
As a disabled combat veteran I am an alumni of the WWP. I volunteer as a Peer Mentor to help peer veterans suffering with PTSD. This is a fabulous organization, please consider having your organization or family support WWP.

The Tribe

This non-profit organization has many functions not least is work to provide military veterans the opportunity to become farmers.

Life so far…

Zimbo has a wonderful wife, Lisa, who he met at University in Ft. Collins, CO. Lisa has a lactation consulting business. He has 2 fabulous children born 1999 and 2001. 2015 is the year that his son grew taller than his dad. Both kids have varied interests and perform at State (TN) level. Until 2015 both children were homeschooled, now they go to a Catholic High School.

Zimbo was born and raised in central/southern Africa. His father built roads across wild, undeveloped land so Zimbo grew up living in the bush in temporary camps that moved with the road progress. He was educated in Catholic christian mission schools. Often the camps were hundreds of km from the nearest small town with even a fuel station. Meals were cooked on an open fire and came from tin cans, hunting and a veggie garden below the outdoor shower.

So far Zimbo has been to more than 70 countries, been in wars both high and low intensity, adventured in every kind of environment, climbed, swum, jumped, and run across almost every type of terrain feature, snuck in and out of countries, been chased, arrested and escaped from foreign authorities and had many other adventures. Only a few times did he find an ancient artifact!

What does a man do after growing up in wild and war torn Africa, then fighting for the US Army and traveling the world troubleshooting refineries in the oil industry? He buys land and builds a diversified, organic farm designed to provide all the food and energy his family requires. The farm is not so much a business but a ‘Generational Food Security Project’. Zimbo establishes a food or energy system for a period and then allows it to ‘fall’ to low production while he focuses on the next project. The idea being to have established and rehearsed the ability to provide everything the extended family needs so should it become necessary all these different skills and systems can be ‘turned on’ to high production. Right now the projects that have captured Z’s attention are the tropical greenhouse and producing mini-milker cows. The generational part is the ability to pass this operation onto his children and grandchildren.

Zimbo spent about 20 years in the US Army. His experiences include formal training and experience in: Quartermaster, Infantry, Special Forces, Intelligence, Airborne, Air Assault, SCUBA, war, unconventional war, jungle warfare, survival, languages, traveling, land navigation, escape and evasion, counter-terrorism, economic development, weapons and explosives, hand to hand combat, combat life saving, first aid, animal husbandry and much more. Besides being able to shoot, move and communicate, as a US Army Officer, Zimbo has had extensive training and experince in planning and leadership.

With a BS in Chemical Engineering he has worked in the oil industry, commissioning new units and troubleshooting established petroleum refining units all over the world.

Zimbo has owned and run 7 nested and synergistic companies in his own ‘C’ corporation.

Zimbo has tried MLMs and even had a personal fitness training and weight loss business.

While farming Zimbo produced and sold locally grown, chemical free, freshly harvested produce including vegetables, fruit and herbs, poultry, dairy and meats.

Zimbo likes a fight once in a while so he does mixed martial arts with his son at a local dojo.

The whole family is active at St. Mary’s Catholic Church both in attendance and ministries and we exercise together.