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Powered by Nature LLC

Powered By Nature LLC has several businesses within it.

Vintage Quest Acres

We produce healthy produce on our old-fashioned, diversified, family homestead. At Vintage Quest Acres our main product is grass-fed (pastured) meat free of hormones and raised without antibiotics. The beef is not fed corn. The turkey and pork do get supplemental grain-based feed but the animals forage for the bulk of their diet. We treat our animals with respect and they have lots of room to be themselves. We do also have eggs (chicken, duck & turkey), milk, goat meat, turkey meat, as well as vegetables and fruit in season.

Homestead Consulting

Zimbo works with clients who want a land-based lifestyle that may include one or more of the pillars of homesteading: independence, self-sufficiency and sustainability. The dream could be a cottage business, farm, retirement country home, ‘doomsday prepper’ site or homestead. Zimbo’s passion and joy in this work comes from helping others achieve their dreams and goals.

Knoxville Lactation Clinic

Lisa is a certified Lactation Consultant helping mothers and babies get a great start. Lisa has offices in Knoxville and Chattanooga, TN

Telephone consultations, video conferencing, home visits and office visits are all available. Some insurance is accepted.

Health Coaching

Lisa is a certified Health Coach helping people make healthier choices.

Telephone consultations, video conferencing, home visits and office visits are all available.

More about Powered by Nature LLC

Powered by Nature LLC is a small family health and wellness business working to make a positive difference in our own lives and our community.

  • We support other companies that value people over profits
  • We try to think before doing what advertising, government or popular culture tell us what to do
  • We strive for simplicity
  • We try not to trade family time and life experiences for money and material things
  • We believe that work that supports our core beliefs, community, exercise and wholesome food go a long way to create a long, full life well lived
  • We do not surrender our health management to a system that relies on our continued illness for it’s massive profits
  • We know that volunteering helps us as much as the cause we support
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