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Family History

Zimbo comes from a long line of ‘warrior frontiersmen’. On his father’s side Zimbo’s direct ancestors lived in Boston and one fought in the U.S. Civil war.  After the war he must have had PTSD because, like Zimbo, he did not tolerate city life nor too much exposure to people.  He packed up his horse and went west.  Each time he stopped he looked left and right, saw too many people with too many rules, and kept riding.  In the late 1860’s he had ridden all the way to the California coast. He looked left and right, saw too many people with too many rules and rode his horse onto a ship.

He rode his horse off the ship in Cape Town South Africa.  He looked left and right, saw too may people with too many rules and kept riding.  He kept riding north until he rode into some very wild land which one day would become Zambia, Africa.  He made a living hunting big game, selling ivory, contracting to newly formed gold and copper mines as an accountant (apparently he had genius level IQ and he was really good with numbers).

Zimbo’s grandfather, born in Zambia, also hunted ivory, lived in parts where he was the only ‘white man’ the natives had ever met and contracted with newly formed governments to build infrastructure such as roads.  This man, traveled to the USA during WWII,  volunteered to be a marine and fought for a country he had never been to in north Africa and Italy.

Zimbo’s father was also a frontier hunter, engineer and soldier.  He was in the Rhodesian army but always longed to be an American like his ancestors.  In 1985 he moved the family back to the USA completing the return circle.

On Zimbo’s mother’s side the family arrived in the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa) in 1605 from Holland.  They too were hardy frontiersmen and set out north to become some of the very first ‘white settlers’ in land that would eventually become Zambia and Zimbabwe.

It was no surprise when Zimbo did his DNA testing to discover his heritage is almost entirely dutch and English.

The legacy continues in Zimbo who has served in the military as a warrior and is most comfortable in the forests and on his rural homestead.