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The Tribe

Have you ever been part of a really tight-knit team?  One that experienced memorable times together and bonded stronger than most families do?  Do you remember what that felt like? Do you remember knowing you belonged, that your presence and contributions were valuable? 

Do you still have people who you can count on and who count on you for anything outside of your house? Not the kind of dependency at work where your boss expects you to show up to open the door but the kind where you can call and they come outside of employment duties.  I’m talking about the kind of friendship that extends to all your needs including social and emotional – really being part of a team.

For most of human history we belonged to clans and small tribes where this feeling of belonging and bonding was powerful and normal part of life. I think this tribal bonding is not automatically part of lives in the modern era of big cities and easy relocation far from the community we were born into.

If you want that again join the Tribe.  Let’s see if you are a fit – not everyone gets to stay.


4 Tribe Tributes?


The core of the Tribe is the exercise program.  This is where most the bonding and health happens. This is the only part of the Tribe that has a small cost associated with it.  I’ve found that without some skin in the game people don’t try as hard and many don’t make the effort to come.


This part of the Tribe is short active trips such as kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, and fishing.  This is where we ‘Carpe Diem’ and ‘suck the marrow from the bone of life’.  Life is too short not to get out and do these things and being in the company of your peeps makes it better. On these mini-adventure trips you are responsible for your own costs.  A committee of Tribal Members plans and executes these trips.


Compared to the local, mini-adventure trips these are easier to plan, easier to get attendance and great at lubing the cogs of relationships.  Basically this is eating and drinking together – usually at a restaurant. On these Gastronomy Group outings you are responsible for your own costs.  A committee of Tribal Members plans and executes these social outings.


Being totally focused inward leaves us with a level of dissatisfaction.  So we volunteer.  We have grand plans and need your help to help others.  We have a master volunteer project and other smaller ones that come up from time to time.

I found this book interesting and it inspired this group.  Although I don’t totally agree with everything in the book I think the author is in the ballpark.  It’s a quick read – try it.